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AdforceX Version 3.2 Released

Continuing with 2022’s ongoing improvements to AdforceX, we have released version 3.2.0, focused not just on squashing those annoying bugs, but zeroing in on improvements that will help you manage your users and installations as well as communicate with us when the need arises.


Much has happened “under the hood” with our preferences system. First of all, we have moved from our prior branding to the Cognitive brand. Support and preference files all have been to the Cognitive name.

In the past, when users have needed to report support issues or copy preferences for new users, you have had to forage around the file system to locate preferences, and then copy them to new locations or to include them in an email.

No longer! AdforceX now exports and imports preferences without you having to navigate anywhere. Simply choosing the Export Preferences option under the AdforceX menu will create a compressed archive of all your preferences that you can copy to wherever you want.

And, of course, you can choose Import Preferences under the AdforceX menu when you do a new install to load those preferences onto the new machine or location, choosing what you want to move. In this way, changes to your prefs can also be easily “cloned” from machine to machine — no muss, no fuss!


With the underlying changes to preferences, we’ve made it easier than ever to work directly with us when you have problems or issues you need solved. Simply choose the new Contact Support… option under the AdforceX menu which will present our new Email form. Fill out the form however you want (you can attach files or even drag and drop images from the desktop into the Message you want to send) and hit OK. 

AdforceX not only remembers all your information for the next time you need to contact us, but, of course, fills out an Email for you to review in your default Email application before sending to our Email support address. Just click Send and we’ll respond. You can also use this method to send us feedback and suggestions about how we can make AdforceX even better!