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Coming Soon, AdforceX 3.0

One benefit of being locked down during a global pandemic is you can avoid distractions and concentrate. Our focus was on innovation. We’ve emerged from the lab with a 2022 road map of game-changing features for AdforceX, starting with the sprint release of AdforceX 3.0.

Following up on the comprehensive 2.5 release at the end of October, the 3.0 version brings critical bug fixes, increased stability, enhanced functionality, and major user-requested features, including:

Detachable Runsheet

Detachable Runsheet – Right & Bottom Justified

You asked, we listened. You will be able to detach and reattach your runsheet from an issue window and with configurable menu options. Place the runsheet in convenient locations on screen or drag it anywhere. Positioning is, of course, always saved with an issue and the new Set Location commands simplify window placement.

Publication-Based Preferences

Publication preferences editor

New to 3.0 are preference “sets” that activate the moment a publication becomes the frontmost issue.

Most publishers have multiple publications, each with its own issue structures, standard ad sizes, conflict rules, sections, products, markets and zones.

This release will allow you to associate any of these kinds of information with a publication, changing the AdforceX UI to reflect those choices in panels, popups, and on-screen displays.

All of this is set-up using the Publications Editor. Once the preference sets are created, they activate simply based on which publication is frontmost.

And that’s not all!

This summer, version 3.5 will introduce a revolutionary SmartFill technology making dummying classified advertising as easy as point and click; and come the fall, watch out for version 4.0 which will introduce comprehensive editorial planning.

By the end of 2022, AdforceX will be a one-stop shop for the entire production process, and users in all departments will integrate into the overall production.

2022. The year of AdforceX!