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Page Director Series

Page Director® Series of Ad Layout Solutions

Our family of ad layout software is used worldwide by newspapers, magazines, shoppers and catalog publications for accurate, flexible and efficient issue planning and ad dummying. With tool sets that let you automate as much or as little of the issue building and ad placement process as you need.


Our newest member of the Page Director family, AdforceX is a completely redesigned ad layout solution built to accommodate the modern macOS® capabilities of Mohave, Catalina and Big Sur. With all the tried and true features you count on plus image views, template management, enhanced sectioning and folio management, issue configurations, and more. AdforceX version 2.5 just released!

 Page Director® ALS

A full-featured, highly automated ad dummying solution for programming where ads go based on editorial-to-advertising ratios, calculated issue and section sizes, color configurations, and user-definable conflict rules. It can also be extended with additional modules for specialized functions.

 ALS for Magazines

An optimized version of Page Director ALS with all the necessary capabilities in a special bundle. It’s the right solution when you have to make many critical changes while still considering color locations, form breaks, binding requirements, printing costs, ad-to-edit ratios and advertising commitments.


The original, just-the-right-sized ad dummying solution designed for small to mid-sized publications. With all the essential features for shops on a budget, ad layout is as easy as import, sort, drag, drop and repeat.