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It’s 2022. Shouldn’t you be using AdforceX?

The new first name in automated publication planning is Cognitive. Import ad list. Click button. Open in InDesign©. Have coffee.



Layout Solutions

Ad layout software is used worldwide by newspapers, magazines, shoppers & catalog publications.

Flexible Planner

Manage issue planning & ad layout for any publication. Accurate, versatile & efficient issue planning & ad dummying.

Total Automation

Tool sets that let you automate as much or as little of the issue building & ad placement process as you need.



AdforceX is now the industry standard flagship of our award-winning series of ad layout products — reimagined, redesigned and reengineered from the ground up for deadline critical publishing. It’s blindingly fast, intuitive and fully-integrated front to back with ad booking systems and Adobe InDesign©.


In just a matter of seconds, you can create a complete issue that can be opened in QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign. With its accuracy, flexibility and robust feature set, ALS saves time, reduces errors and cuts costs.


Cost-effective, easy-to-use advertising layout and issue management software for small- to mid-size publications. AdForce users can quickly build ad pages using drag-and-drop or semi-automated flow tools. Finished sections can be opened in Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress for pagination.

ALS for Magazines

The industry standard, optimized for magazine production. ALS for Magazines gives you the powerful, flexible issue planning and ad layout capabilities you need.