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AdforceX is compatible with macOS® 10.14 Mojave through 12 Monterey

Cognitive’s AdforceX is the flagship of our award-winning ad layout systems — completely reimagined, redesigned and reengineered to run on every Mac operating system and hardware from Mojave forward (including on the latest Macintosh hardware using Apple Silicon processors). And AdforceX is fully integrated with our AdImport, Fido and Split & Folio Plug-ins for Adobe® InDesign®, providing an end-to-end, “plan to print’” production system for your publications.

Just Released: AdforceX 3.0 with these new features!

Publication-specific Preferences

Many publishers produce multiple publications, each with its own issue structures, column models, standard ad sizes, conflict rules, sections, products, markets, zones, etc. Each publication may also employ its own Layout routines. With all these properties loaded into one universal set of preferences, it can become tedious making selections from “one big bucket” of properties when working with each publication.

AdforceX 3.0 supports publication preference “sets” that activate the moment a publication’s issue becomes the frontmost document. You can associate a set with your issue, changing the AdforceX user interface to reflect those choices everywhere in the application – in panels, popups and on-screen displays. All of this is set up using the new Publications Preferences editor. Once you create these preference sets, they activate simply based on which publication is frontmost. You can even modify a set on the fly and it takes immediate effect.

Detachable Runsheets

In response to an often-requested feature, AdforceX 3.0 introduces the ability to detach the runsheet from the issue window and interact with both it and the issue. There are several menu options for placement in convenient locations, and you can also size both the issue and runsheet windows and drag them anywhere you want on screen – or to a separate monitor. Runsheet positioning is always saved with an issue. So you can have multiple issues open, each with its own runsheet placement. Plus you can save these settings with Bookmarks to have quick ways to organize the windowed desktop.

And That’s Not All…

This summer, we’ll be bringing AdforceX version 3.5, which will introduce a revolutionary SmartFlow technology that will make dummying classified advertising as easy as point and click.

And come the fall, watch out for AdforceX version 4.0, which will introduce comprehensive editorial planning.

Simply Our Best Ever Ad Layout Solution

With a completely new, streamlined set of interfaces, AdforceX makes the ad dummying process easier and more intuitive than ever with these capabilities:

  • Contextual menus for quick and convenient access to page and runsheet actions
  • Ad dummying with image views in either spread, married or single page view
  • Type any entry to filter pages and ads
  • Pages and Runsheet Inspectors for viewing and batch-changing information about ads and pages
  • Runsheet Arrangements to quickly switch between multiple runsheet views
  • Built-in linking intelligence that automatically links ads to their digital files using SmartLinks or Search Folders
  • Layout view displaying the issue as a miniaturized graphic representation of pages and ads
  • Layouts palette to build comprehensive auto layout processes you can ‘run’ individually or sequentially
  • Comprehensive page requests that can include page ranges, special tags and multiple page requests
  • Issue template management for efficient access and reuse of issue setups
  • Physical press sectioning with automatic folios combined with logical content sections allowing precise ad placements
  • Definable issue configurations to automate section structures and page color assignments
  • Customizable Issue Interfaces
  • Multiple column models and page sizes – even in the same issue
  • User-definable Conflict Rules to control ad placements based on a variety of criteria
  • Pagination Manager to calculate page count needed to reach desired ad percentage for the issue


Easy adoption for ALS and AdForce customers

Our customers have relied on our ad layout solutions, day in and day out, for years. To make sure it’s easy to adopt AdforceX, we built an intelligent import process that brings in your ALS or AdForce preferences. This  ensures that your configurations and import setups that align with your front-end data will work with AdforceX right from the start.


Plenty of help to guide your way

AdforceX tool tips display descriptions and usage for every aspect of the application. And the Help menu has all the instructional documentation to help you learn how to configure and use your new software. Select a topic and it opens in your browser. You can find whatever you need as you work with AdforceX, or download the full user guide to refer to it anytime.

Same tried and true features

On top of it all, AdforceX has all the key capabilities our customers have come to expect from our ad layout solutions:

Keeps track of color placements, page and section requests, pickups and a host of other requirements.

Imports tab-delimited runsheet files from any electronic order-entry system.

Supports a wide array of customizable page and issue attributes.

Controls double truck placements and accurately exports bleed ads to InDesign.

Flows ads automatically, by drag-and-drop, or a combination of both.

Manages ad conflicts and even shows you a potential conflict as you drag and drop ads.

Links ads to their digital file paths without requiring file path entries in the runsheet.

Multidirectional flow controls allow forward, backward or random ad distribution.

Completed issues and pages can be opened in InDesign with ad links, folios and all the other layout information inherited.

System Requirements for AdforceX 3.0

Macintosh computer with Intel processor for macOS 10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, 11 Big Sur and 12 Monterey. Supports either Intel or ARM processor for Big Sur and Monterey.

AdforceX layouts can be opened InDesign using our AdImport Plug-in for CC 2019, 2020, 2021 or 2022 on Mac or Windows.

Click LINK to see full compatibility chart.