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Plug-ins and XTs

Extend the functionality of Cognitive’s ad layout software with Plug-ins for Adobe® InDesign®

After you build the issue and place the ads, our plug-ins make it easy to generate and manage production files with our plug-ins. Cognitive’s Plug-ins are compatible with InDesign CC 2020, 2021 and 2022 for Mac and Windows.


AdImport lets you open AdforceX, ALS, ALS for Magazines and AdForce ad layouts into InDesign, complete with all the ad placements and image links, page folios and all the other layout information inherited from the ad dummy. AdImport can create the InDesign layout or overlay pages from the issue dummy onto existing layouts.


Fido finds missing digital file links for ads that weren’t available during ad layout. Just give Fido a starting point on your network, and it automatically hunts down each ad and attaches the correct file path, so the live ad appears on the page.

Split & Folio

Split & Folio preserves the ad placement information of the original InDesign document while letting you deal out single pages or page ranges to multiple layout designers for editorial content and page flow without losing any of the ad layout information.

Click LINK to see full compatibility chart.