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How we can help

AdforceX built-in contact support mechanism assists you to contact support by creating an email and attaching issue and preference files.
Directly through AdforceX

From within AdforceX Application

Starting in version 3.2, you can submit a support request without ever leaving AdforceX. You can find Contact Support under the AdforceX menu.

Explore our YouTube Channel

Who wants to read the manual? Not me and probably not you. We are in the midst of creating videos for the entire product. What’s coming? A QuickStart guide, examples of customers unique workflows, new feature previews and demos. It’s growing everyday, so subscribe now!

Check out our AdforceX YouTube channel
Google search: YouTube & @AdforceX or click image above
Email the Cognitive Support team
Send an email

Submit an email request

Or you can do it the old fashion way and send us an email. Click on the image to launch your mail program. We’ll get back to you soon!